Choose The Right Career

by Waller Jamison

Choosing the right career path is not easy, even when things are going well in the economy. It is important to realize that the world of work has changed dramatically - and this is not because of the economic situation.
In the past, just about everyone was able to enter a profession or start out in a trade and then work up intil they reached the level they had dreamt of, or perhaps launched their own business.

Those who were employees might have changed jobs or companies a few times, perhaps deciding to take a different career path inside the same industry. But generally speaking, they would have expected to end up doing something fairly similar to their first job. And of course, most would expect to have moved up the ladder or at the very least to be making a larger salary than when they first started.

 But things are no longer the same. Even jobs which a couple of years ago were considered to be safe are now disappearing, due to the recession.

So, given that the outlook is so insecure, what can you to to ensure you choose the right career path?

The answer is to be both flexible and open minded and to stop thinking of careers in terms of jobs for life. Instead you need to view your career as a path which could take you in any number of directions and could involve several different ways of earning a living. In fact, you might find yourself doing more than one job at a time.

This is not as bad as it might seem at first sight - you are actually a multi-facted individual and you have many, many talents. The skills you have accumulated in work or at college or bringing up a family have given you the ability to make money in many different fields.

Start out by looking at what you can do and what you enjoy doing. In other words think in terms of skills and not job titles. So if you are good at languages, don't look at careers with languages, look at jobs in which you could use languages.