Top Career Choices

by Waller Jamison

If you are looking for a new career, whether you are leaving college or making a midlife career change, it's important to make the right decision.

What are the top career choices these days? This is not an exact science as the top career choices for a recent science graduate will not be the top career choices for a mother returning to work after bringing up a family and who graduated in English.

So, when you start to search online for your top career choices, you need to include a brief description of the field and level of job you are looking for.

However, there are some broad career areas which have openings for people from many different backgrounds and which could be considered in general terms as top career choices.

Growth areas in today's economy are likely to provide you with a more than average chance of getting a reasonably secure job with promotion prospects and so these fields should be given important consideration.

Computer and data processing has seen the largest growth spurt in the past ten years and is an area which covers just about every industry. So, whatever you are thinking of doing, make sure your computer skills are up to date.

Technology is developing at such a fast rate that you will need to stay on your toes and make sure that you are familiar with the latest trends and programs in your own field.

Residential care and health care in general is another boom industry, mainly due to the fact that we are living longer and older people, despite improved health, still need more care than younger folk.

Accountancy is another growth area for those of you who are good with numbers.

Remember that there is wide scope for career choice within each of these areas and many areas can be combined, thus giving you double the chances of a relatively secure career. I say relatively secure, because job security is hard to find these days.

But let's look at an example of how you can improve your chances. Say you like to work with computers, then look for a computing job within the healthcare sector, thus combining two of the top career choices

Areas like healthcare also offer opportunities at all educational levels. So you don't have to train in medicine to get a job in this field. You can start out as a healthcare assistant and consider further training to reach a career slightly higher up the ladder.

Searching for top career choices in either your own field or in the workplace in general will help you find a job which is reasonably secure.