Welcome to CoolerCareers. This site contains careers advice and information, provided by a careers advisor,  and aimed at those wishing to find a new direction.

The section on studying covers earning your degree online, financing your studies with student grants and scholarships and provides a basic essay writing guide.

The site also includes an area specifically aimed at over 40s, with information on portfolio careers and tips on transferable skills, which is particularly useful for women returning to work after a break.

My name is Waller Jamison. I trained as a Careers Advisor at the University of East London and subsequently worked with adults in various organisations, including an adult education college. I have given advice on careers and training to a wide variety of clients, from unemployed people to postgraduates.

I also set up a mentoring scheme for homeless people and have run a number of training courses providing job-search and self-employment skills.

I later trained as a teacher at the Institute of Education, University or London, where I then taught academic writing on a part-time basis for four years.

Over the past few year, I have been working with graduates and non-graduates, helping them with CVs and job applications.

I have a Certificate in Business Skills for Consultants, which enables me to help clients write design their businesses and write business plans.

This site is for people who are not happy in their present jobs and who are looking for a really fulfilling way in which to earn a living, either by finding a more satisfying job or setting up a small or home-based business, or a combination of both.

If you have any requests for information, please post a comment on the CoolerCareers Blog. We look forward to your suggestions!