Why Go to University?

How would you answer the question: Why go to university?  There are plenty of good answers, but perhaps the must usual is:

Reason #1 To get a degree which will lead to a good job.

However, these days there is no guarantee that a degree will lead to a job of any description, never mind a good one. So why go to university in the first place?

Of course, some professions require a degree, for example medicine or law, but unless you have decided that a particular profession is right for you, studying for a degree may not be necessary

Reason #2 To Study a Subject You Love

This, in my opinion, is one of the best reasons for going to university, although these days some people might consider it self indulgent. But don’t forget that there is a lot more to life than a job and when you do find one, that job will take up a great deal of your life. So, studying a subject you enjoy will give you several years in a field which you love and could prepare you for an interesting and related job in the future.

Reason #3 To Enjoy the Student Lifestyle

This is also a good reason for going to university. It’s an opportunity you may never have again and the chance to make new friends, have new experiences, use your brain and yes, have access to cheap alcohol.

It’s a period in which you can have more freedom than you had at school and possibly than you will ever have again, if you opt for a career which involves a full time job working for someone else.

It’s also a time with few responsibilities – when you are in work it’s likely that you will have a mortgage or rent and other regular bills. And if you decide to get married and have a family, your responsibilities will increase.

Reason #4 Fill in the Blank

You probably have your own reasons in answer to the question why go to university? Make sure you take those into consideration too. They could be more important than any other reason.

So, why go to university?

For every good reason to go to university, there is an equally valid reason for not going.

Make a list of your own reasons, for and against and see which side wins. Then consider how you feel about the result. If everything you are telling yourself about getting a real job, avoiding student debt and the prospect of graduate employment has not won you over, perhaps you should go to university anyway. Because that is where your heart is and following your heart is much easier when you are young and relatively free.

Perhaps the most important reason for going to university is because you really want to. It’s important that this is your decision, not the recommendation of your teachers, the wish of your parents, the advice of a careers advisor or a choice you make because you want to be one of the crowd along with your mates.

By all means discuss the arguments for both sides, get as much information and advice as you can, but in the end, make your own decision. Only you can answer the question why go to university for yourself.

Some reasons NOT to go to university

University is not the right choice for everyone and here are some compelling reasons to make a different choice:

You don’t enjoy studying.

You want to work in an industry where a degree isn’t needed.

You would prefer to start work right away and work your way up the ladder, possibly getting a part-time degree later.

You believe an apprenticeship would be a better career choice for you.

You really don’t want to have a big debt hanging over you for the rest of your life.

It is, of course, a matter of balance and can take some soul-searching. So don’t rush your decision and look carefully at both sides of the argument.