Help With Your Cover Letter

by Waller Jamison

If you are having difficulty writing a cover letter help is at hand. A well written cover letter works in conjunction with a professional CV or résumé and will increase your chances of getting to the next stage of the recruitment process, that is, it will help you get an interview.

For cover letter help, keep reading and you'll get some ideas you can use right away to improve your letter dramatically.

A cover letter should be designed to make you stand out from the crowd. Statistically, using a résumé and interview is the least effective way of hiring staff, but it's also one of the least expensive, which is why it is used so often.

 It costs a great deal less than an assessment centre, which is the method of choice for many larger companies, but beyond the reach of smaller organizations.

A CV or resume can help you to shine, but it is a bit limited when it comes to expressing your personality - that's where a good cover letter comes in. If you want to stand out, you should think about what an assessment centre is designed to do and see if you can replicate at least some of that in your letter.

So what does an assessment centre achieve? It shows the candidates in action and proves their ability in fulfilling certain key tasks, identifying leadership skills, ability to work as part of a team, to think on one's feet and prioritize tasks.

Whilst your cover letter can't demonstrate these skills in front of the interviewer, it can be used to prove that you have them, by giving clear examples of your achievements in previous employment, as a student, in voluntary and extra curricular activities.

 The key word here is "prove". You must avoid statements like "I have excellent communication skills", which actually says nothing at all. Every employer wants good communication skills and if they are on the list of requirements for the job, you'll be expected to have them.

What you need to do is give examples which show the employer that your skills are indeed excellent. Go through all the information you have about the post for which you are applying and identify the key skills, qualifications and experience that are needed for the job.

Then look at your own work history and life experience and find examples that not only show that you have these attributes, but which prove you to be a high caliber candidate for the job.

If you want to ensure your cover letter gives you the best possible chance of making an impression, and you want to write it in no time at all, check out cover letter help and you'll be able to produce a high quality letter in 3 minutes!