Freelance Opportunities

by Waller Jamison

There are plenty of opportunities for anyone who wishes to make a bit of extra money or indeed a full-time income as a freelancer.

The internet has made this much easier to work freelance and if you are not in a job which could be adapted to freelancing, you should start by researching opportunities online.

Many new careers have sprung up as a result of the success of the internet, which means that there are many new ways in which to make money.

Apart from email, one of the most popular uses of the internet is searching for information and good content is the key to getting a good ranking for a website.

This has opened up a whole new sector to the writing industry and those who enjoy writing but may not have the training to become a journalist or the time to wait for publishing deals for their works of fiction, may find that writing for the internet is a realistic alternative.

Ghostwriters or plr writers are in demand and can bid for jobs on sites such as elance. Plr or private label rights is the name given to articles, reports and e-books which are sold individually or as part of a package, often on a site where members pay a monthly subscription, and which can be edited, completely rewritten and bundled for use on buyers sites or in their emails or as products which they can sell.

Another internet related possibility for the freelance worker is programming - with the speed of development in computer techonology there is a constant need for new and better software.

Alternatively, graphic design is very much in demand with the huge volume of new websites created each year. People setting up their own sites need page design, logos, templates, e-book covers and so on.

Photography is also a popular freelance choice, with digital cameras making the whole process, from taking the photos to selling and publishing online, easy and efficient.

The internet also provides opportunities for teaching and coaching and so anyone with skills and experience in a subject which is in demand - either for academic purposes or as a hobby - can set up a site and provide lessons online or by email, phone or Skype.

Of course, teaching or tutoring does not need to be done online and, depending on the subject, can be done in your own home, a local community centre, hall, college or in the student's home.