How to Find A Job

by Waller Jamison

When you were at college, did you learn how to find a job? Universities usually have a career center, where you can get free career counseling or take a career assessment test, but what happens once you've left? Or if you want to change jobs or make a career transition after you've been in the labour market for a while?

Most people begin their career search by looking in the classified ads or online job search websites, but those have been shown to be amongst the least effective ways to find current openings.

Switching jobs is something just about everyone does several times during their adult life, yet a very small minority know the best method for finding a job - not just any job - the right job. It's a skill which can be learned very easily, yet for some reason isn't taught much in schools or colleges.

I'm sure you agree that making a career choice or job change is one of the most important decisions you'll ever take. Yet most people don't devote a lot of time to it. In fact, the majority of people spend more time and effort on choosing a holiday or a new car!

Very few people are aware of the best strategy for uncovering the hidden job market. Experts agree that there are two essential components involving in finding the most suitable career opportunities: discovering what you really want to do and then building a network of contacts to help you reach your goal.

In addition, you need to understand how to apply for a job, which means creating a strong resume and cover letter, preparing job interview answers, following up with an interview thank you letter and interpreting feedback when you haven't been offered the job, reassessing your strategy and making changes where necessary.

Unsuccessful interviews can help you develop your technique, so that you can improve your performance next time. So accept as many interviews as you can and you'll soon find you can answer questions with confidence. Always get feedback because you will learn which aspects of the interview went well and which didn't. Or you might just find that you don't have quite enough experience for a particular role

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