Learn online - Distance learning courses

by Waller Jamison

Are you looking for the opportunity to improve your skills, but can't afford to go back to college full-time? Perhaps you have children to support or a mortgage to repay and simply can't take time out of work to study.

There are many alternatives to full-time college attendance such as following a distance learning course or getting a degree online. Could either of these be the right option for you?

The concept of distance learning has been around for a long time, starting up years ago, in the days when traditional correspondence courses were the only option.

Now the variety of subjects available and the ways in which qualifications can be obtained has expanded enormously and of course, the internet means you can earn your degree online at home, with the benefit of audio and visual learning materials, as well as email contact with your tutor.

Online learning isn't just limited to degree courses - you can take a short course to update your IT skills or develop news ones, learn a new language or enhance your knowledge of one you studied at school.

In fact, you can do just about anything at any level from improving your basic reading, writing or numeracy skills to gaining a post-graduate qualification. So read on for inspiration which might just change the course of your life.

What are the advantages of online learning?

First of all, it's possible to fit this type of study around your existing commitments:

You don't have to leave your job, pay a fortune in childcare and trek to a campus miles away from home.

You won't end up with a huge student loan to pay back.

You can gain qualifications without having to interrupt career progression.

You can learn at your own pace - degrees are usually modular, allowing you to take breaks if you need to.

What are the disadvantages to online learning?

There are several potential disadvantages, but this depends on your personality and preferences.You will miss out on the student experience - interaction with other students, sports, clubs, drinking and other traditional student pastimes.

You will also miss the buzz of learning in a classroom environment, being able to discuss topics, argue and ask questions as soon as they come up. You may find it hard going to study after a full day's work and your social life is likely to suffer - weekends will be needed to catch up on assignments.

Other family members may feel neglected or interrupt you when you're trying to work. You may find it difficult to motivate yourself when you'd rather watch TV or go to the pub with friends. Making the decision

The decision to follow a particular online course is not to be taken lightly and should be a result of considering all the options and then choosing the one which will work best for you.

If you missed out on education the first time round, online degrees offer a wonderful opportunity to get the qualifications you need to advance in your career, get a raise, or study a subject you really enjoy. So, if you want to earn a degree online, how should you go about it?

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