Making A Career Change in Midlife

Making a career change in your 40s or 50s is becoming a growing trend. And with so many folk living so much longer, pension funds are unable to meet the increased payouts needed for longer periods of retirement.

So, if you are unemployed, facing redundancy or just bored with your job, a midlife career change could be the answer. 

We're all living a lot longer and this means that most people will have to look for another means of funding their retirement years.

And since your current company probably won't employ you right up until you reach 75 or 80 years old, you could find yourself confronted with the need to change career during midlife or later.

Step #1 Consider Positions Where Practical knowledge is Valued

If you are in the process of choosing a midlife career change, it is important to look out for jobs where your experience is going to be valued. We still live in a culture where youth is held up as the ideal. And this can cerainly be a headache for older folks who want to get into a new field of employment.

Happily, there are many more employers who nowadays see the value associated with maturity and experience in the workplace and life in general. Moreover, you can find a few particular job areas in which being older will be regarded on as a plus.

Typically, these are jobs which entail working with people, and are found within what are traditionally known as the helping professions, where a considerable amount of awareness and tolerance are absolutely essential.

One area of work in which mature applicants are sought after is homelessness.

Homeless men and women often find themselves in that predicament because of difficult circumstances, for instance lack of employment, combined with bills, which can cause family break up .

This can lead in turn to loss of accommodation. Working with homeless people requires maturity and an understanding of the reasons they are in this situation.

Caring for elderly people may be another excellent career area for older career changers. Nursing is one occupation which does encourages mature applicants and if you don't have the qualifications, you can consider training or becoming a nursing aide.

Step #2 Check out The possibility of Being a Consultant

If you are having problems finding a full time job, do you have the skills or experience to create your own position as a consultant? 

If you have solid experience in business or any other industry where knowledge is in demand, you can set up as a advisor and charge substantial rates. This will let you work part time, but continue to generate the equivalent of a full time salary. 

Step #3 Carefully Consider An Extra income Stream

No career is guaranteed to provide ongoing employment for as long as you want it. And like the majority of folks, you probably don't wish to carry on in full time work when you reach sixty or sixty five.

Since you will need to continue making money for everyday expenses after you get to pension age, mid life is actually the perfect chance to start considering organizing a supplementary income stream.

If you take care to create an additional source of income when you find yourself in your 40s or 50s, it ought to be nicely established when you get to sixty five or seventy, when you want to slow down a little.

Consider setting up a small business in your spare time - something you could develop into a full-time income.

Making a career change in midlife is a challenge but one which can be very rewarding and add a great deal of interest and value to your life.