New Careers for the 21st Century

 by Waller Jamison

It's an exciting time to be looking for a new career, and you'll find that there are now many new ways of working available to you. And also a huge range of new careers which did not even exist 20 years ago.

 The internet has opened up an enormous range of opportunities, not only for people who want to set up their own businesses but also for those who want to work for a big company, but don't want to live where the company is located. Telecommuting has made it possible to work for a city firm whilst living in the depths of the countryside or by the sea - and it isn't even necessary to live in the same country in which your employer is based.

To take advantage of these emerging opportunities, you need to be computer literate and familiar with the internet and email. However, most people in the West are already proficient in the basics or have access to free or low cost tuition. In fact, you don't even need to be near a college, as it is possible to learn everything you need to know online.

Before you make a decision to change careers or to find a new way of working within your existing career, you need to do some research. Your current employer may be prepared to let you work at home, but it might be necessary to travel to meetings - not easy if you plan on relocating to the other side of the globe!

However, with many companies moving out of cities to cut down on property costs, this could work the other way round - the company moves and you stay put. Getting a job as a teleworker with a new company is not as easy, but if you have a strong skill set, particularly in areas which are in demand, it is worth researching which jobs might be available.

 If your aim is to work at home, you first need to look at exactly what you could do, which skills you need to update or acquire from scratch and, particularly if you want to work for an employer, you need to be sure you have the right experience.

New careers do not only exist for those who want to work at home. Computers are everywhere these days and anyone seeking a new job in a different career should consider the implications of technology in the current workplace.

There is a constant need for new software, from complex applications for big companies to games for teenagers and educational material for children and adults. Education is another growth area, as we struggle to keep up with developing technology.

Health care is another industry which is experiencing expansion, as we are living longer and need to keep fit, avoid diseases associated with aging and where these are unavoidable, more of us need treatment and care.