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Have you chosen the three letters showing the types of career you are best suited to? If not, you can check out the post here:

Let’s have a look at some of the jobs suggested for each category – this might give you some ideas or at least get your imagination working. You could find a career you’d never considered, because you’ve either never heard of it or knew nothing about it. Or the jobs listed might give you some additional ideas.

Careers will contain elements from different categories and you can ask yourself if your 2nd and 3rd choice catgeories fit in well with something in your preferred category – or vice versa.


Careers suited to realistic personalities tend to be pretty hands-on. So if you are good with machines, great at building or fixing things, you can look at jobs that would enable you to use those skills. And of course, your own preferences and additional unrelated skills and knowledge you’d like to be able to use at work.

Engineering, architecture, urban planning, private security, forestry and technology are in this group and cover a broad range of careers. Some will need high level qualifications and so are only worth considering if you have the means to study at that level. But don’t let that put you off.

Technology is everywhere these days and most of us already have some skills and knowledge in that area. It’s not too difficult to get higher qualifications, as many courses can be taken online.

And there are also opportunities in horticulture, working in parks and zoos, if you also like nature and animals.

Food preparation is another hands-on occupation and worth considering if you enjoy cooking and related activities. Perhaps you enjoy baking and feel inspired by the Great British Bake Off and similar shows.

Perhaps you’d like to be a craftsman or woman, building your own furniture or making part for machinery.



This includes just about anything that involves searching and researching. So if you are inquisitive by nature and enjoy making discoveries this could be for you.  Do you enjoy solving puzzles, figuring out how things work, or do you love trying to solve a mystery?

Let’s think about some of the jobs in this group. Investigative journalism is one, if you enjoy writing and want some adventure in your life. Or you could consider becoming a private investigator or a Csi technician – but be aware that these two are not as glamourous as they appear on TV!

Research of any type – be it to help writers, advance medicine, improve education, understand demographics or economics. Most fields do have a related area of research. So look at the industries you are most interested in and then do a research to see what research opportunities exist.

You do need to be pretty patient too, especially if you want to make major discoveries in areas like science and medicine.

If you enjoy working with people, you might like to become a clinical psychologist or to do market research.  If IT is your thing,IT support and  troubleshooting or coding would all use investigative skills.

If none of these appeal, try searching jobs involving … (and add the activity you’d like to follow) for example, jobs involving problem solving. You can use several search terms, eg problem solving and medicine, problem solving and maths, problem solving and education.


This category covers pretty much the topics you’d expect – art, writing, drama, music, dance, cinema. It’s a great field if you have talents in any of these areas, but don’t forget that there are related jobs, if you love artistic pursuits but haven’t managed to make a living from them directly.

And don’t forget that technology has made working with art easier – there are openings as a graphic designer or website builder and you can learn the necessary skills by taking online courses.

Writing as a freelance is another newish career – many people are looking for content for their websites or for someone to ghostwrite their books for kindle.

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