Résumé Editing

 by Waller Jamison

Once you've written your résumé it's time to go back and do a bit of résumé editing. This is one occasion in your life where you simply can't afford to make any mistakes. Don't forget that your résumé gets approximately 20 seconds in the first round and any spelling or grammar mistakes will immediately consign it to the trash.

So, how do you edit your résumé?

A high quality résumé is the first step in your job search. And if you get this wrong, you won't get a chance to move to the next step. So before you send your résumé to any prospective employers, , here is a checklist to follow to make sure you will create a good impression.

Grammar, spelling, punctuation - to start with, run the grammar and spell check in your word processor, but don't rely on this. Grammar often throws up some strange results and the spell checker will not know when you mean form and not from. So print out your checked résumé to catch any mistakes.

Capitalization - if you do not know to use capitals correctly, search online for capitalization rules.

Punctuation - this can be tricky. Make sure you use commas and semi-colons correctly Again, if you aren't sure, find a good online reference source.
Keep sentences short and clear. In fact, in a résumé, you don't ned to use full sentences as long as the meaning is clear.

Consistency - you must be consistent when you use numbers(dates, money, numbers), plurals, and abbreviations. So manke sure you always use the same date format and layout .Be careful when describing the software packages you use and stick with either an abbreviation such as MS Word or use the full term like Microsoft Outlook consistently.

Ampersands - (&) should be avoided on a resume. There are a couple of exceptions. For example, the company (AT&T). or well-known terms within industries such as Profit and Loss (P&L ).

Be careful with Hyperlinks - this can show up automatically in your word processing software. To remove them if you are using Microsoft Word, you should highlight the link,  right click, and scroll down until you find "remove link" and click to deactivate it.

Time spent performing a quick résumé edit is time well spent and could mean the difference between getting an interview or having your résumé thrown in the trash.

 If you haven't yet written your resume, check out this article on writing a resume.