Social, Enterprising and Conventional Careers


If you are sociable and really enjoy working with people, this type of career is for you and includes things like teaching, training, medicine, nursing, social work and related careers.

And of course, these days we also have social media, which has created a load more careers that didn’t exist 20 years ago.

Look at the people you want to work with – kids, teenagers, adults, adults with learning difficulties, older people – and in what capacity – teaching, helping, training, healing?

Depending on your other interests, you could find something that combines several areas, for example if you love history or literature, you could teach the subject either at high school or university level and perhaps also write novels or textbooks, do research or create a related website.

If travel is on your list of things to do, look at the type of career that would allow you to do this – medicine, nursing or teaching can all be transferred to other countries (always find out if you need additional qualifications before taking the plunge).

Or you can think about creating a travel blog.


The internet has made it much easier for everyone to become an entrepreneur, but this type of job isn’t only for those who are self-employed. Managers, leaders in any industry, people who persuade, perform or infuence others in any way are enterprising.

You might enjoy a job where you have to give talks to groups of people – especially if they are about new developments you are involved in.  Most industries include research and development and so you could combine your enterpising nature with other preferences.

And of course, starting a small business is something you can do in your spare time. I will be writing articles specifically about business and if this is something you are intereted in, you can sign up for my free email series.


Convential careers sound a bit boring and for many people they are, but not if you are passion about them!  The type of job under this heading is accountant, book keeper, secretary, finance expert. Most of them seem to relate to money – that’s not a bad place to get started, unless, like me, you are useless at maths!

And if you can gain (and enjoy) skills in these conventional areas, they will stand you in good stead if you move to the higher echelons of a company or if you decide to branch out on your own.

And don’t forget the party and the 3 groups you were attracted to – can you combine them to find an area that you’d find inspiring?

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