Finding Your Ideal Career

by Waller Jamison

You probably have a vague idea about the type of career you would consider ideal. there are many factors to be taken into consideration if you want to get a more precise picture. A good starting point to help you figure out what you'd most enjoy doing, is taking a look at your talents and interests.

Artistic, Acting and Musical Talent

If you are a gifted artist or musician you might be considering a career in those fields, but what if you have talent but not at the level needed to be a concert pianist or to exhibit your paintings in the top gallery?

Some other careers in the artistic and musical fields include music,drama and art therapy, teaching children these skills, either through the traditional education system or in private lessons or possibly as a youth worker or in an after school club.

There are plenty of talent competitions on TV which will give you a chance to show your abilities in areas such as dance and singing and don't forget that it isn't only the winners of Reality TV shows who find work in a related field afterwards.

Consider combining a more traditional occupation such as teaching or therapy with performing in fringe events or local venues.

Social Careers

These involve working with people is some way and can often combine other areas of interest. If you love languages and want to work with people, you could teach or become involved in travel and hospitality. So, although working with people is often linked with helping professions such as medicine, nursing and social work, there are plenty of other options. So make a list of all the things you enjoy doing and see which career paths would allow you to combine them with spending time with people.


If you are mechanically inclined, you may like the idea of working with machines, whether it's building them, fixing them or selling them. And machines come in all shapes and sizes. New techonology is constantly creating many amazing gadgets which you could design, operate or teach others to operate.


Number crunchers can be involved in many different careers, not just accountancy. All areas of finance as well as working out probabilities and possibilities, and any form of statistics are all number-based jobs.


There are many interesting and unusual careers in the field of science, ranging from working with environmental issues, weather forecasting and more exotic careers like storm chasing and tracking volcanoes and earthquakes.

Space is another area which holds a great deal of attraction for would-be scientists.