What did You Learn at College?

What did you learn at college – in addition to the subjects you were studying? You might be surprised at the list of useful, transferable skills you picked up during your student days.

But before we get to that, make a list of the skills involved in your core subjects. And the knowledge you learned, which could be helpful for many jobs. So, for example, I studied languages and learned how to speak, write and understand Chinese, improved my spoken and written German and gained knowledge about both German and Chinese literature. Take a look at the type of job in which this knowledge would be useful.

Now think about what else you learned, starting with studying itself. Writing reports, essays, giving presentation, writing your thesis all involved a load of communication skills. All that knowledge is no use if you can’t communicate it or in it, in the case of languages.

List every form of communication you used as a student – other examples might include interviewing people, creating videos or taking part in group projects. Then note the skills developed – speaking to a group, organizing a team, gathering information and presenting it in a specific format.

Did you realize that communication skills are amongst the most highly sought after skills for many employers? When you make your list, write an example so that you can prove you’ve actually got the skill. This is key when it comes to writing a CV or resume. Writing a list of skills just doesn’t cut it – you have to prove that you can use them and you do that by giving examples.

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